How I Spent the First (Official) Day of My Maternity Leave

When I was a kid I could go years at school and never take a sick day. I had this amazing knack to ward off a cold so that I wouldn’t have to miss any precious days of school. (Yes – I was that geeky that I didn’t want to lose out on any material that was covered.)

The problem with this “knack” was that the second we had a vacation I would get sick. It was like all the germs that had been festering in my body got the A-OK to stage an attack – and attack they always did.

This lovely trait has followed me into adulthood as well so when I was going on maternity leave I was convinced that I was going to go into labor the very next day.

Well, it turns out that my knack only applies to sickness, not babies. The day after I bid farewell to my trusty work computer I got – you guessed it – sick. I got really sick.

For a day and a half I couldn’t keep a single thing in my body. It wasn’t pretty. By Monday afternoon I was tired, thirsty and worried about baby. The doctors advised me to go in and get tested for dehydration so the Hubby took me to hospital and checked us in to the Labor & Delivery unit.

Don’t I look cute with my “please don’t spread your nasty germs to all these healthy mamas and their babies” mask?

We got put into a room:

And then they put the monitors on me to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and any contractions I might be having.

Thankfully baby was happy as a clam. (This little girl is a trooper.) And much to my surprise that tightening I’d been feeling at the top of my belly on and off were contractions. But just “practice” contractions. Not the real thing.

The also had me drink a cup of broth and eat a cup of ice chips. Luckily I was able to keep this down. And then they tested me for dehydration.

Yup – severely dehydrated. Time for the I.V. fluid drip:

And once I was ready for it, time for some food and more broth. Nope – I didn’t have to look happy about it apparently.

2 liters of I.V. fluids, 2 cups of broth, 2 cups of tea and a cup of ice chips later and I was deemed ok to be released and head on home. I was still thirsty but feeling much better.

Hospital Dry Run: Check.

Now all I have to do is get over this cold before I go into labor.


My Dog is Afraid of the World Cup

My husband is a huge fan of soccer. When the World Cup comes around every four years he likens the first day to Christmas morning — although frankly I think he likes the World Cup even more than Christmas.

My dog, however, has other ideas. I don’t know if its the yelling at the TV or the incessant sound of the vuvuzelas but as soon as the TV is tuned to soccer he runs for the hills – or as far as he can go in the confines of our little home.

Seeking the protection of mama (and working on my pathetic look):

Hiding behind mama AND the kitchen table:

Could I BE any farther away on the deck and more pathetic-looking?

This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening…

My Yoga Baby

My office was thoughtful enough to give me a very lovely baby shower before I go on maternity leave. I work for the magazine Yoga Journal so it seemed only fitting to have a yoga-related baby game.

My boss came up with the inspired idea to have everyone get in teams and create a pic of my “yoga baby” out of old magazines. All entries were inspired but the winner was:

And some honorable mentions:

And, finally, an ode to Baby O’s ability to keep me trim during pregnancy because of all the morning sickness: