The One Where Fiona Goes to Her First Company Picnic

At three and a half weeks we thought it was due time that Fiona headed to her first corporate event. Luckily Dad’s company was having a summer picnic just in time for her work debut.

Fiona performed like a champ — mingling among the best of them and drawing a crowd clearly because of her dynamic personality — or maybe cause she’s teeny tiny and pretty darn cute.

Here’s mama with Fiona at the event:

My First Concert: The SF Symphony in Dolores Park

Yup – I am not only cultured and sophisticated but also frugal (it was free) and hip (because you can’t go to Dolores Park without being a bit of a hipster.)

At first I wasn’t really looking forward to it:

But then I decided it might be fun:

And then I thought maybe the Symphony makes me sleepy:

Once I got there I took a little nap before the music started:

Then my Aunts Megan and Brynne arrived to check me out. They hadn’t seen me since Day 3 in the hospital since they went on a fancy vacation to Spain. We were all happy to be reunited once again: