I Know I’m Only Seven Weeks Old But I’m Old Enough to Know I Like Whole Foods Best

Shhh – don’t tell anyone but for the first six weeks of her life Fiona was a tad bit fussy. Fussy enough, in fact, to earn such nicknames as Fiona Fusspot, Little Miss Fussypants, Fuss-opotamus, and Super Squirmy Fuss-Monster.

Sometimes she would be a little angel baby but others – she squirmed and fussed and spit up enough for me to wonder if her first big accomplishment would be first prize in the World Spitter-Upper Competition. She fed at least twelve times a day and Mama was, frankly, exhausted with it all.

After one twelve-hour night that produced enough laundry for MORE THAN ONE LOAD I decided I needed to take action and see what I could do.

So I switched formulas.

(Yes – Fiona is entirely formula fed. No – We didn’t make that decision on our own. Nature made it for us.)

I switched from a perfectly decent brand from Target to a more pricey, organic brand from Whole Foods.

And, of course, because she is my baby after all, everything changed.

Within twelve hours Fiona completely stopped spitting up. She started eating a mere eight times a day and sleeping four hours at a stretch at night. (Four hours!) And she fussed less. Alot less. It was nothing short of a miracle.

Clearly my baby has taste and will behave for nothing less than the good stuff.

Yes – Fiona still fusses. Sometimes. But we see our angel baby alot more these days. I think we might even have to come up with some new nicknames of the non-fussing variety.

So thank you thank you to the makers of Baby’s Only formula. I think I may be in love.

Whale-ing Baby

Remember last week when I showed you Fiona taking a bath?

Well, certain grandmothers on Mom’s side (“Nana”) saw that post and deemed that Fiona’s “tiny tub” looked more like a Rubbermaid container.

A rubbermaid container made for a much smaller baby at that.

Or maybe for washing dishes.

To remedy the situation Nana took to the internet and sent along a super-styley whale tab for Fiona to try. Now, this is no ordinary whale tub. It is like the barcalounger of baby baths with a newborn butt rest, some lovely padded reclining action, and a little whale water scoop.

While we though that her first tub was perfectly satisfactory we have to admit that Fiona looks a wee bit happier and more comfortable with the upgrade. (We think it’s pretty fun too.)

Thanks Nana!