Because It’s Never Too Early to Go Wine Tasting

This weekend we took Fiona to Russian River for a little wine tasting with some friends.

Fiona apparently is a very wise little lady as she was so kind as to look mighty tipsy for our wine country pics: *

* Never fear — All looks of severe intoxication are completely natural and produced without any alcoholic consumption on the part of the baby. **

** No such promises are made by any adults present.

My Chunky Monkey

Up until now Fiona has always seemed so teeny tiny but all of a sudden she’s busting-out-of-her-newborn-clothes big. I guess all of those feeds must be working their magic.

It really hit home when she visited her new six-week-old friend Amiya this week.

Introducing the jolly fat kid (stage left):

You can just see Amiya thinking “what is SHE drinking?”