A-Pumpkin-ing We Go

Just in time for Halloween, Fiona visited her first pumpkin patch this weekend and we got our first real family portrait in:

Fiona enjoyed all the wide open spaces — and was especially happy that she got to face out for the first time in her Baby Bjorn for the occasion:

What do you think – does she look like Mama?

And more importantly — are you ready for the cuteness that is sure to come with pup and sippy cup all dressed up for Halloween?

A Fancy Night Out

Recently the Daddy and I managed to get a whole night out BY OURSELVES which was very exciting.

It’s a long story but the evening started off a little inauspiciously at Burger King. (I know. Don’t judge. We weren’t so thrilled about it either.)

Good thing someone at BK had the foresight to make things seem a little fancy:

Now, the big question is: What pairs well with their new Veggie Burger?

The Dreaded In-Laws

Ok. So I know I’m supposed to be all “OMG. My in laws are SO annoying” (and I’m probably going to lose my wifey street cred with this post) but I have a secret — I think my in laws kind of rock.

First of all, ever since they semi-retired they have been traveling the world. Pretty cool, huh?

And when they found out we were having a baby they decided to live here for Fiona’s first month to help out. Definitely cool.

And when they met Fiona they were so entranced that they decided to come back (after a brief hiatus to see cousin Tobin in Toronto – shout out to the Tobinator!) for a year. And look after Fiona three days a week, every week. Way cool.

So they got an apartment in the Mission (definitely cooler than where we live), get out and about in the city (much more than we do), and take care of our little pumpkin. And on more than one occasion they have left us a home cooked dinner at the end of the day. Very very cool.

So remind me again — what am I supposed to be complaining about?