The One Where Fiona Realizes She’s Onto a Good Thing

So far Fiona’s track record with holidays has not been so great. Remember the dreaded Halloween? And the even more dreaded Thanksgiving? Yeah – we’re trying to forget them.

And then came Christmas.

I think Fiona must have realized that all kinds of good things come out of Christmas. She wouldn’t be denied Halloween candy or Thanksgiving turkey on Christmas. Nope.
She could clearly see that Christmas promised all kinds of fun things in the form of a stack of presents:

She also must have heard through the baby grapevine that you have to be a good girl for Christmas, otherwise the toys turn out to be big lumps of coal. So good she was. Exceptionally good.

She hung out with Daddy:

And Grandpa and candles and mirrors (oh my!):

She surrounded herself with her goodies:

Jumped in her Jumperoo:

And relaxed with some Octopus lovin’:

All in all Fiona’s first Christmas was a roaring success.

And we are mighty happy with our little lady for that fantastic Christmas gift.

Things I Know About my Child

Mama’s been a bit MIA lately. For that Mama is sorry.

But now Mama is back in the Mama-saddle & is truly appreciating the time with her baby Fi.

And so, in the spirit of always remembering these moments, here are some things Mama knows about her little almost-6-month bundle:

1. She is just like her Mama:
She is either really really happy or really really upset.
She loves to laugh.
When she cries there are tears. Lots of tears.
She loves a schedule. Especially for eating.
She must go to bed at 7pm on the dot or it’s the end of happy life as we know it.

2. She is just like her Papa:
She is very social. But not too much. Sometimes she needs her alone time too.
She likes being at home. But not very long. She’d much prefer to be out and about checking out the world.
She likes to run. (Not that she can really run now but she sure tries by kicking her legs everywhere she is.)
She has pretty blue eyes.

3. She thinks lots of things are funny:
The Zekey dog. Doing pretty much anything.
Kisses on her tummy.
Flowers, especially when they are being trimmed.

4. And some things make her mad:
Rolling on her tummy and then not being able to roll off of it.
Being left alone when she doesn’t want to be.
Being put down for a nap when there’s too much life to live.
Missing her nap cause she was too busy living life.
Being expected to play with something for more than 3 minutes without getting bored.

Happy holidays Baby Fi! We’re looking forward to getting to know you even more in the new year.