Flamingos and Tigers and Monkeys, Oh My!

Fiona loves Zeke. And dogs. All dogs.

So when I took her to the zoo to see the tigers, which are just really big dogs, right? (or cats I suppose – but she doesn’t know what cats are yet), let’s just say she was a happy clam.

First we had to stop for some nourishment. We thought the flamingos were a pretty fun place to sit and sip.

And then it was on to the tigers. One tiger in particular took a fancy to Fiona.

She was hoping to play with him but I explained that although I’m sure he wanted to be her friend he might by accident try and eat her which is frankly not that fun for anyone. We decided it was best he was behind a very thick glass panel.

We moved onto the monkeys as our last stop. While very cute they are apparently camera-shy as they kept scurrying out of the way instead of mugging for a shot.

Under the Weather

Zeke is a pretty low maintenance dog. He eats when he gets fed. He walks when he gets walked. And when these things don’t happen in a timely fashion it is the rare moment that he complains.

We love him for this. And sometimes ignore him just a teeny bit because of it.

So when Zeke had to go in for dental surgery this week to get a super-power-hose-style teeth cleaning we felt very sorry for him but were not too terribly sure it would make much of an impact in our little house.

Well, just so you know, we were wrong.

It turns out that even though Zeke is mighty quiet and sleeps a whole ton his absence is sorely missed.

And when he came home all groggy and tongue-lollygagging we gave him the whole ton of attention that he deserved.

Luckily by the next day Zeke was back in fine form and we could go back to our regular pretending-to-ignore-him-but-not-really-at-all state of mind.