The One Where We Go to The Zoo and the Beach Chalet and Discover That a Cell Phone Cover is the Most Interesting Thing Around

Last weekend we made another trip to the zoo – but this time Daddy came too and Fiona met her friend Audrey with her Mommy and Daddy.

The zoo wasn’t quite as interesting as we had hoped for Fiona. She and Audrey thought the giraffes were just ho-hum:

Mama and Daddy thought they were pretty cool though, especially when drinking:

Luckily we moved on quickly to meet some more friends at the Beach Chalet for an outdoor, sunny day lunch. Here’s Fiona and Audrey playing with their mamas:

Mama thinks Fiona is contemplating stealing Audrey’s hat. She certainly stole all of her toys.

While this looks all fun and happy here is Mama returning Audrey’s prized-possession – a cell phone cover for chewing:

Apple should go in for baby teethers cause a cell phone cover was where it’s at. Apparently Fiona also needs a lesson in sharing cause the pic after this one wouldn’t have been nearly as cute…

Nana and Grandfather Come to Visit. Happiness Ensues.

Fiona is one lucky lady. Not only does she have constant access to her Grandma and Grandpa on Dad’s side, but last week she also got a cross-coastal visit from Nana and Grandfather.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, Fiona got to sport her super-cool duds that her great-Aunt Jane sent to her for Christmas because, you know, dresses and bare legs and sun are totally normal for California girls right in the heart of winter.

Too bad Nana and Grandfather had to go back to all that snow after their week-long visit. Silly grandparents.