What’s that You Say? You Have Four Kids?

You would think so from looking at our stroller lineup.*


I know. It’s ridiculous. Who knew you needed more than one stroller for one tiny little baby?

Ok, so maybe not EVERYONE needs a whole herd of strollers for one kid but apparently we do. Don’t even ask what they’re all for. But they are totally necessary.

I swear.

I mean I think they are.



* not to mention the car seat stroller that has already been outgrown.

** no, we have not suddenly become independently wealthy since last time you checked. We are fortunate to have some very generous gifting and additions of gently used buggies to help us reach the collection as it is today.

I Must Be Very Smart Now Because I Like to Read Books

When Fiona was a wee little baby (as opposed to the giant sack of potatoes baby she has grown into today – meant in the best way of course) Mama used to read to her in bed. Fiona would wake up at some ridiculously early hour that was really more appropriate for after hours clubbing than being awake and Mama would read to her, anything and everything.

It was sweet. And cuddly. And restful. And then Fiona outgrew it. And would not go anywhere near a book, unless she was allowed to eat it.

But Fiona has matured. She is beginning to grow into her nerdy side. And now she likes books. Before naps. Before bed. As a nice little interlude in a day filled with rolling around the floor. And for that we are grateful. Our child will not be illiterate after all. Probably.

Like Daddy, Like Daughter

It’s no secret that Mama was a sucker for Daddy’s pretty blue eyes* from the moment she saw them. Happily her little Fiona-Bear seems to have inherited her Daddy’s eye color and, according to our very trustworthy and frequently read BabyCenter email newsletter for 8 months week 3, right about now is when their eye color is here for good.

Lucky Mama. Now she is surrounded by pretty times two.

* No Daddy does not mind being called pretty. He’s secure like that. Plus he knows he’s pretty so it’s hard to dispute it.