Getting to Know You

Because Uncle Adrian has been galavanting around Thailand, among other pursuits, it has been a whole buncha months since he’s seen his bestest niece. This week we have been lucky enough to have him around.

At first he was a little demanding.

No, really, You tell me what we’re going to do.


But after a few encouraging words from Fiona he bonded with the best of ’em.

Look Fiona. You can fly!


You Know How Some Things Just Make You Realize That Your Kid is Growing Up, Like, Super Fast?

And then you get all misty-eyed?

For Mama that thing is a Target shopping cart.*

See – Target was the very first store that Fiona ever went to. Or slept through. As the case may be.

And now she’s big enough not only to stay awake for the entire trip but to sit in the shopping cart like a big kid.

I mean, really, for that is there a dry eye in the house? Ahem. Anyone?

I thought not.


* Don’t judge.