What Exactly Does a Flower Girl Wear?

That’s what we have ourselves scratching our heads over these days in the house of O. We have thankfully been given free reign to dress our little munchkin in any appropriate flower girl attire for this summer’s very important wedding. But now we are a little overwhelmed with all the options.

Do we go with something soft and summery? Or pretty and pouffy? Or floral and fancy?*

Or would a colored dress be more fitting for the outdoor, cool-color-palette occasion? Or do you have something even better in mind?

* All images courtesy of Nordstrom.com. Continue reading What Exactly Does a Flower Girl Wear?

Stand (In the Place Where You Live)

Fiona has been standing for quite a while now. But it’s been very hard to get a good picture of our little lady standing tall. Every time she did it she would look like she was about to topple over – and then usually would. (Not to mention the Mommy Trust Falls which required, shall we say, watching like a hawk.)

But now Fiona is getting big and strong and stable. And only stands on her toes SOME of the time when she is standing. So taking a moment to grab for the camera has become a little less precarious.

Now we have bigger things to worry about – like exactly how far can Fiona reach now? And how, exactly can we slow down this whole process so she doesn’t start walking until she’s ten?