Waiting for Daddy, Part Two

We’ve already established this week that Daddys are really kind of cool. But sometimes Daddys go away on business trips. And that’s not that cool at all.

Zeke has always waited by the window for Daddy to come home. Now our little lady has gotten in on the action.

Mama is met by blank stares all around when she calmly explains that Daddy will be home in a few days.

I guess we know what that means – no more business trips for Daddy. Ever. Thank you very much.


An Ode to Dads

In addition to Skyping for the first time with Granddad, Nana and Uncle Adrian on Father’s Day this year, Fiona got to hang out with her own daddy and her Grandpa (and Grandma of course). She’s one lucky little lady to have all those people in her life!

Fathers Day

(Plus she had a really pretty dress to show off so she was happy to have a bit of an occasion to wear it.)

You Know How When You’re a Baby You Think Your Mom is Awesome Because You Don’t Know Any Better?

Well sometimes you grow up and think your mom is pretty awesome too. Even though you’re all grown up and you know you don’t HAVE to think that anymore.

So yeah – Mama’s mom is kind of awesome. For many reasons, but since we are focusing on hand craftables this week let me show you the ways this crafty lady kinda rocks.

First off she made Fiona a little baby quilt just after she was born. Then she made another. And another! And they are all total beauties:

Poppety Quilts

They are perfect for living room play sessions:

Last Import-4

And have all those really fun colors and details:

Jungle Time

Perfect for lounging around outside and taunting the dog with his ball. (Did i say taunting? I meant playing. Totally playing.)


And because my mom is so rockin she even has her own Etsy shop!

So go on over and check out Poppety Quilts. Because, well, the lady who runs it is a pretty crafty hip grandma!*

Poppety Quilts

* Full disclosure: Mama was in no way paid, compensated or coerced into writing this post. Her parents learned long ago that their powers of coercion ran out around the age of four with her.