We Know the Real Truth

Sometimes people stop us in the street to tell us what a handsome dog we have. And we agree. The Pup is mighty regal looking.


But we know the real truth.

Inside he is a total goof ball. Butt hanging off the couch cushions, pink ball playing, gangly skinny frisky playful giant bundle of love.

Playful Pup

And while Zekey may not get quite as much air time these days as a certain rapidly progressing little person we still love every day to watch our Zekey play.

Because There Can Never Be Too Many Posts About Wine

Do you remember how we went to wine country over Fourth of July weekend and Fiona attempted to inhale the wine bottle?

Well we never showed you how pretty it really was at that winery. Landmark Vineyards to be exact.

While Papa was finishing up some wine tasting, Mama and Fiona got a chance to check out the beautiful grounds. Luckily Mama found a really cool cart for Fiona to ride around in in style.

See that little blue hat peeking out? Yup, that’s our little munchkin.

Isn’t she lucky to go to such cool places? Her parents must be mighty awesome.

Wine Cart

Three Birthday Mice

Remember how back in Craft Week Mama was hopeful that she would be inspired to make Fiona something for her first birthday? Well, inspired she was – three times over in fact.

Mama decided that she would knit Fiona not one, not two, but three birthday mice! And so knit she did.

But in typical Mama fashion, right before the big birthday extravaganza Mama decided that she did not like Pink Mouse #3. She wanted Purple Mouse instead. So she had to go to Micheal’s and buy purple yarn.

And then she was almost finished but she had a tad too much to drink at a bachelorette party (or two – shhh don’t tell the kid) and so the mouses did not get finished in time for the big day.

And then there was an even bigger day to get ready for with the big wedding.

And then it was mid-July – oh my!

But you know what – birthday presents a few weeks late are a whole lot better and more unexpected than birthday presents that are on time.

Or at least that’s what Mama told herself when she finally finished off mousey #3 this weekend and presented the Three Birthday Mice to Fiona.

Three Birthday Mice

Fiona totally thought it was worth the wait. She showed her appreciation by introducing herself quickly to each mouse and then throwing them heartily to the floor.

Mice Throw

We’re pretty sure they were throws of love.

Yeah – totally love.

Our Little Wanderer

Fiona loves people. But just like her Daddy she also loves to wander off on her own and spend a little time by herself.

When we went to the beach last weekend for a post-wedding picnic Fiona made sure to spend just enough time with the brides before venturing off for some personal beach time.

Good thing she conquered her fear of sand so that she could really enjoy the bright sunny day. All by herself.