This is How You Race It

On Monday we gave you a sneak peak of Daddy all beaming-happy after his big half-marathon. (Go Daddy Go!) Today we thought we’d show you how cool the race was – and how cool Mama was for capturing Daddy running to the finish – of course.

First off, the race started and finished at AT&T Park which is where the San Francisco Giants play all their baseball games. Now, if you’re like Daddy this is really cool. If you’re like Mama then you couldn’t care less about baseball and are all: boring. But let me tell you, the Giants stadium is like way cooler than most stadiums. It’s right on the bay and has the most amazing views.

Check out the awesomeness that everyone got to run into at the end of their race:


Yup – that’s the Bay Bridge snuggled in behind there. (And the fog. But you can ignore the fog. We all try to.)

Fiona and Mama were up in those stands there – watching and waiting for Daddy. We tried to cheer for the runners like good spectators but Fiona decided that she did NOT like Mama cheering. So Mama cheered very quiet-like and danced with Fiona to the live cover band.

There were ALOT of racers on the course so Mama wasn’t sure she would see Daddy at all. She even took some photos of a bunch of other racers just in case she missed Daddy so that she could get the feel of it all.

But – since Mama is totally awesome – she saw Daddy right away when he entered the stadium. (It helped that he’s all tall and stuff so she could see his head up above the other runners.)

Check out Daddy racing to the finish:





The finish line was just after this shot. But the craziness did not end when the race ended! Daddy had to wait in a HUGE line just after he crossed the line to get off the field and to find Mama and the Sippy Cup.


Eventually everybody found everybody (including Grandma and Grandpa!) and everybody gave Daddy a big high five for being such a running rock star.

We have to admit though – the Sippy Cup did not really appreciate all of Daddy’s accomplishments. However, she perked right up when she found out that there was a goody bag involved.

SF Giants Bobblehead? Don’t mind if I do.


Congratulations Daddy on a race well raced!

Best Part :: Daddy Ran Real Fast

I have to say – I’m having fun viewing life through the “Best Part” lens – so I thought I’d start a Monday tradition of highlighting the best part of the week before.

And this week there was nothing better than watching Daddy race to the finish of the San Francisco Giants Half-Marathon with the Sippy Cup. He reached a personal best time, had all kinds of family there to cheer him on, AND raised money for Project Open Hand in the process.

We are mighty proud of Daddy this week!

More pics to come of Daddy’s photo finish on Wednesday. But here’s a sneak peak of the beaming Daddy. Post race.

Daddy Won The Race

Happy Monday!

Love, Mama

Ok Sippy Cup Makers. Will the Perfect Sippy Cup Please Stand Up?

Based on the title of this blog I feel like I should have a firm grasp on THE PERFECT SIPPY CUP.

Sippy Cups

I have to say, when I made the switch from bottles to sippy cups (or really the little lady refused to drink from bottles anymore cause clearly they are SO for babies and she is a toddler now) I thought it would be amazing:

Little lady drinks peacefully alone. Mama’s hands are free to eat bonbons and ooh and aah at how amazing her little one is.

Um yeah. Not so much.

Turns out that sippy cups are hard to hold and leak and have, like, a million parts. And every kid likes a different one. And sometimes different ones on different days. Or the same day – different hours.


And so, like many other mothers such as Dizzy Mom and The Heir to Blair, we are on the quest to find the perfect sippy cup.

Except with a little more pressure cause its in our name.

We are well stocked to begin the journey.

And Fiona has already staked claim to a sippy cup or two.


She’s even starting to multi-task with straw in mouth.*


And on good days there isn’t even milk dripped all over the floor.

But on the rest: We are still trying. One sippy cup at a time.

So what advice do you have? What sippy cup is like totally super awesome and deserves to sit in the sippy cup hall of fame?

* Why yes – that is tomato sauce all over Fiona’s body. Why do you ask?

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