A Whole Buncha Gratitude {from San Francisco with Love}

As we are quickly approaching turkey day it seemed like the perfect time to sit back and make a big ole list of all of the things I am truly grateful for in my life. Here goes:

* My little family: Daddy, Sippy and Pup.
* My big family: near and far. Always by my side.
* Sweet toddler cuddles.
* Big toddler smiles.
* Even bigger doggie licks.
* A husband who rocks. Even when I am the one throwing a tantrum.
* Friends who are my rock.
* Playdates.
* Blog readers.
* Work.
* Coming home from work.
* Weekends.
* Reality TV.
* People who don’t judge me for watching reality TV.
* The beautiful city I live in.
* Photos. For saying things better than I ever could in words.

Shooting 101 - Extra 3


Shooting 101 - Week 3 - Aperture

Shooting 101 - Extra 1





Happy Thanksgiving from San Francisco! Sending lots of love to you and yours.

The Stats

The Sippy had a checkup yesterday at a new doc. Sippy did not appreciate all of the shots but she was a big fan of the giant pink playhouse in the waiting room. So much so that when all the shots were done she climbed back in as we were on our way out, teary face and all, and refused to leave. I guess the doctors isn’t so bad after all!

We also learned that our little Sippy is in the 95th percentile in height. I’m thinking she might just take after her Daddy.