The One Where Sippy Decides How She Really Feels About Santa

Sippy is continuing her sagas with Santa today in “her own words”.

I thought I made it clear last Saturday that a big ole animated Santa was not something I enjoy. And I was all happy when Mama and Daddy told me we were going to a Holiday Party on Sunday cause you know this baby likes to party.

So you can imagine my dismay when just a little bit into my one-year-old fiesta Santa appeared. Seriously – how did he get on the guest list?


He just plopped himself down right in the middle of the party and started shaking some bells he brought with him.


Now I like me some good bell-shaking so I thought maybe I should give Santa a second chance. Plus my friends were here to protect me this time so maybe everything would be ok.


But you know what? After a few minutes of giving Santa the side-eye I’d made up my mind: Santa is one scary dude. When I looked around and saw that no-one was sounding a stranger-danger alarm just yet I knew it was my duty to step in.


I convinced Daddy to sound the alarm with me. He’s a smart man.


I think all of our screaming must have worked because my friends got in on the act. No-one liked Santa by the time I was done. (Yup – Everyone totally listens to me.)



But then a crazy thing happened. My Twin Brother From Another Mother (and blog sensation from It’s a Hazelstein) plopped right on Santa’s lap and smiled at him. (Can you believe us two blondies were born on EXACTLY the same day. How awesome are we?)


It turns out that he knew a key Santa fact: Santa comes bearing gifts! Whoa. No-one ever told me that Very Important Piece of Information. (Ok – maybe Mama did but I totally forgot. Damn you short term memory.)

Armed with some potential gift-receiving-bravery I decided to give Santa one last shot. I mean – if he brought me a gift I didn’t want to be RUDE and not take it.


Did you think I was actually going to sit on his lap for it? As if!

Maybe next year Santa. We will meet again.

(Although hopefully not too soon. I think I’ve had enough Santa-ing for this year.)

Love, Sippy

The One Where Sippy Gets to Know Santa…

Today we have a guest post from Sippy. She really thought it was best she tell you about her trip to see Santa in her own words. (Well, sort of her own words. I mean they totally would be her words if she could write. And form sentences. But you get the idea.) Enjoy!

On Saturday Mama and Daddy told me that we were going to see Santa. I was excited because I like the little Santa that sits on our bookshelf. He’s cute. And small. And flat.

The day started out just fine. We waited in line for Santa. He looked different than the flat guy at home but I was going to give him a chance. There were lots of other little kids waiting in line for Santa too. And Grandma was in charge! This was going to be fun.


And then Mama was in charge. She’s usually a good in-charge person so that seemed fine too, although I made sure to cling to Mama all monkey-like just in case.


But then Mama did a funny thing. She walked right on up to that Big Man she called “Santa” and tried to let him give me a big hug! As if.


Mama thought I would be ok if we just sat NEXT TO Santa. Can you believe she was surprised that I was NOT COOL with that?


Mama tried to have a little chat with me to let me know that Santa was a very good and jolly man. I let her know she was being silly and made sure to smush my face into her chest and cry as hard as I could.


I didn’t know it at the time but while I was doing all that crying (and secretly plotting my escape) Mama actually thought it was all kind of funny. Sometimes Mama is mean. Good thing my short term memory is REALLY short so I don’t remember scarring moments like these.


But seriously Mama was NOT listening. So I turned to Daddy and gave him my most distraught face.


And then remember that escape I was planning? I made a dive for it and it totally worked! We were free of that jolly fat man at last.


Luckily Grandma was standing by to really listen to me. Can you tell how traumatized I was? I DID NOT like Mama for a whole thirty seconds after that, let me tell you.


Once I’d gotten myself composed with Grandma I let Grandpa explain to me why Christmas is fun. And how cool holiday decorations can be. Especially when you do not have to sit on their lap.


Overall it was a fun day but I really do not know about this Santa character. I was hoping that I was rid of him for quite some time. Until Sunday rolled around…

Stay tuned for more of Sippy’s Santa adventures in “her own words” on Friday. It’s good, clean, children-traumatizing fun.

O Christmas Tree

Here in the House of O we are getting ready for Christmas with gusto. With our first round of family happily arriving in two days (TWO DAYS!) we have been getting the house ready for lots of merry merry. The stockings are up, the tinsel is hung and, for the first time in a number of years, a christmas tree is born!

Christmas Tree

Stay tuned this week for not one, but two visits to Santa with Sippy. Can you guess what Sippy thought of the big jolly man in red?

Behind the Scenes

I know you’ve all been dying for a behind the scenes look at the makings of Pups and Sippy Cups. It’s pretty fancy – let me tell ya.

Well – thanks to Grandpa – your wish is my command. The Family O recently went out on our second quest for a holiday photo shot. The first one was a total disaster thanks to squirmy monkey Sippy. Luckily the second was marginally more successful – and Grandpa even managed to snap some shots of me “in action”. And then of course I stole them. (Sorry Grandpa. Hope that’s ok! You do good work.)

Here’s me looking all fancy arty camera girl. Or maybe just tourist. You decide.

Mama cam

And here’s Daddy being my test shot. He’s a mighty fine model dontcha think?

Daddy posing

And guess what? That’s it! See – just about anyone can have a blog these days!

Love, Mama