Friends with Planes

This weekend Sippy got to hang out with her Twin Brother from Another Mother (otherwise (now) known as T-BAM – because, really, who doesn’t want to be known as T-BAM?).

Sippy only hangs with handsome men and clearly T-BAM is mighty handsome.


Sippy and T-BAM and fams headed south to check out a new play-locale near the airport. Like, really near the airport so that there were really big planes to look at.

At first Sippy was a little scared because they were “noisy” but T-BAM showed her the way.


After some good plane-pointing Sippy grabbed her coffee for a bit of refreshment. (Ok it was Daddy’s coffee. We’re not crazy enough to give our one year old coffee. I think she bounces off the walls quite enough already thank you very much.)

And T-BAM started to get silly. Turns out that not only is T-BAM handsome, he is also quite the ham for the cam.


But T-BAM does not hog the spotlight. He wanted his Mama to have a little camera time too.

Silliness ensued.


T-BAM decided that it was the perfect moment for a multi-family photo opp and boy was he right. Everyone looked mighty lovely.


(I was also reminded of my New Years Resolution to actually get in a picture or two. I happily got a wireless remote for Christmas. Now I just have to learn how to use it!)

Thanks T-BAM for sharing a mighty lovely morning with our Sippy! She says that we can do that again real soon.

Happiness in the Form of Spinny Things

It’s been kind of dark lately – it being winter and all – so I haven’t been able to take nearly as many Sippy-stalking pictures as I normally like to. But luckily this had me looking back to some of the photos I took over the holidays.

And what better way to head into the weekend than to remember some super-cool Carousel-ing moments, courtesy of the Golden Gate Park Carousel.

Sippy loved it right away and didn’t even feel dizzy from all the spinning.


This one is a little fuzzy and a little dark but I just love it for the look of pure happy on Sippy’s face.


My challenge for you this weekend: go out and do something that makes YOU that happy. Dare dare double dare. Happy weekending!

Baby Lovin’: OCD Style

My little girl is a GIRL. Like a pink-loving, pretty-leg-warmer-wearing GIRL.

I don’t know if this phase will pass and she’ll grow up to be a big ole tomboy but for now she is embracing her girlhood.

She loves hats. And shoes. And sparkly things. And BABIES! Man does she love babies.

So when you combine her love of babies with her new-found love of organization (she is my child after all) this is what you get staring at you from the coffee table after you pop into the kitchen to get a cup of tea:


Yup. Creepsville.

And who bought that super creepy baby doll for her on the right, anyway?

Oh wait. That was me. Oops.

Proud Mama

Mama-hood has not always been a cake-walk for me. (Is it for anyone? I hope not. That would be depressing. For me of course. And isn’t that what it’s all about?)

But I have to say that these days mama-hood is pretty good.

Sippy is entertaining and making Mama proud in all kinds of ways that are probably totally silly to everyone who is not me. But, once again, it’s my blog, and since most of the time I feel like I’m writing to myself in this land we call blog I can do what I want.

So here are the reasons that Sippy rocks – right now:

    She is a super talker. Her vocabulary is getting so big that sometimes we know she’s saying something in Spanish but we have no idea what. It’s alarming and cool all at the same time.
    She did a morning trial at a daycare without anyone she knew and did not cry at all. She played. And had fun. And wanted to go back.
    She sleeps twelve hours straight at night.
    She can already do things that I would never dream possible – like going down the big slide and jumping into water from the side of the pool until her head is way down deep under water.
    She still likes me best.

And since I’m sure the tantrums are just around the corner I’m trying to bask in the sweetness while it sticks around.

Happy Monday!

Love, Mama

Will the Real Fluffy White Dog Please Stand Up?

Back in October we met Guest Pup Fluffy White Dog. While everyone loved Fluffy White Dog, our friends had to give him back at the end of their dog sitting weekend.

But… the friends were so taken with Fluffy White Dog that they just had to get one to call their own. So this past weekend the REAL Fluffy White Dog found his Forever Home at our friends house – and a new place in our lives.


Sippy gave him the “I will stare out the window with you just like I do with Zekey back home” stamp of approval.

fluffy white cody

Congrats Fluffy White Dog on finding the best home as a resting place for your fluffy butt. You will love it there.