Who You Gonna Call?

If you are Sippy (on her fake phone) apparently it’s Santa or boys.

Should I be concerned?*

* I guess Santa’s not so bad but seeing as it’s almost MARCH and Sippy still asks for Santa most days I can’t even imagine what the build-up to next Christmas is going to look like.

As for boys – she came up with that one all on her own. Really, Sippy? Aren’t we a little young for that?

p.s. New photos coming soon. Promise!

What Happens When Mama is Sick for 2+ Weeks?

Other than being really irritated with the coughing fits and taking nary a photo, here a few things we’ve been up to the past week:

* Getting everybody sick. Yup – it was not enough for just me to be sick. I had to get the friends, the grandparents, the Nanny and, yes, even the Sippy sick. Good times. (Luckily the Pup and the Daddy are still holding strong.)

* Playing on Pinterest. What better way for a geeky lady to spend some time on the down-low than on the newest Pinterest sensation? Join me why dontcha? (Everybody’s doing it.)

* Eating toothpaste. There’s nothing Sippy likes more these days than walking around with a toothbrush and toothpaste and munching away. Apparently she really likes to be minty fresh. Maybe she’s trying to make up for her first dentist visit where she refused to open her mouth even a tiny bit.

* Throwing tantrums. Just mini-mini-tantrums. Probably cold induced. But tantrums none-the-less complete with feet stomping and floor kicking. They would be kind of funny if they weren’t so, well, loud.

* Talking, singing, talking. “The other one” is a really popular phrase these days. Often said to refer to something totally un-recognizable. Like we give her an apple and she’s all “Other One” which really doesn’t make alot of sense, unless she really does want a Red Delicious more than her Granny Smith.

And “Away”. Like “Daddy please go away from sitting on the couch now thankyouverymuch” except without all the niceities.

And The ABCs. Itsy Bitsy Spider. And The Wheels on the Bus in the shopping cart car. Which is just about the cutest thing ever sung on repeat (2 lines only) at the grocery store.

(Ok so I guess I took one fuzzy photo with my phone. Enjoy!)

Love, Sickey Mama

Tiny Toes

Sippy was born with crazy long toes. Very very tiny. But very very long. It’s a good thing because Sippy has tiny feet. Without those toes she wouldn’t have much to keep her upright.

But – she still has a long way to go until she fits into her Mama’s shoes. She sure does love to try though!