St Patty’s Day Cheese

While Mamma and Daddy were kicking back on St. Patty’s Day last weekend with friends and some (Irish) wine*, Sippy was busy taking “pictures” using the tv remote control.


Maybe Mama uses the camera a little much?


* Ok, it wasn’t really Irish wine but it was alcohol. That still counts for the Irish heritage, right? Plus we were all wearing green which must give us some kind of points.

Handsome Fella

So Mama may have you believe that Sippy is sad to go to daycare because she misses Mama. But seriously. Sippy is clearly missing this handsome ball of love: namely, yours truly.


We have spent all our days together since Sippy was born – give or take a few silly “overnights” that she told me she didn’t want to go on anyway because her favorite Pup wouldn’t be there. (That’s me! That’s me!)

And with a face this pretty wouldn’t you be sad to leave?


Good thing we still have weekends. They can’t take that away from us Sippy!

Love, the Pup

Coloring Makes Everyone Feel Better

You know what takes away the sting of Mama forcing you to go to a new place for two whole days in a row?

Crayons. Lots and lots of crayons.




And you know how your friends are always annoying you with the amazing “art” their kids created and they put on their refrigerator? Well, good thing there are blogs because now Mamas everywhere can get more reach with their art exhibits.

Presenting “Sippy Masterpiece #1”.


A clear art talent?

Um – Duh.