First Weekend Away

I know its a big deal when your kid spends her first weekend away from home. Well Sippy is a little young for that but it felt like just as big a deal for me to spend the whole weekend away from Daddy and Sippy. But a Bachelorette Party was calling and Mama had to answer. Sippy of course rocked it and Mama – well – I had a lovely sunny, wine-y, relaxing weekend away…

The camera stayed at home but I had the iPhone on hand to capture some of the moments.








Yoga Yoga

The moment has finally arrived that Sippy is interested in yoga! Pre-Sippy I was a bit of a yoga fanatic (with some teaching on the side) but post-Sippy has been an exercise in non-exercise. And while I know that yoga with my Sippy will not exactly be the sweaty vinyasa class I used to go to, it sure is fun to share something I love with someone I love.

And you know its love cause the pics are grainy and my Booty Butt is Right There but I adore the pics anyway and wanted to share…

photo 1(1)-rev

photo 3(1)-rev

photo 5-rev

photo 1(3)-rev

photo 3(2)-rev