Mama Camera Love

One of the things about being a Mama with a Camera is that you don’t get in front of the camera yourself. Most of the time this feels like not such a bad thing but occasionally I worry that Sippy will look back and say “what did you look like then Mommy?”

For this reason I present to you Study in Wireless Remote – my first attempt at using my Christmas present to encourage me to get in more pictures. These ones are just me but hopefully as Sippy gets older (and better able to control her impulse to storm the camera) we can play with self-pics together.



Love, Mama

Who Says it Can’t Be Your Birthday Every Day?

A few weeks ago I gave you sneak peak of Sippy’s actual birthday. Before I completely play out this birthday thing and make you as sick of cake as we are around our house (toddlers excluded) I wanted to get you this sweet set of pics from Sippy’s 1st Second Birthday Cake.

It was just Daddy, Sippy and me and she was SO excited to be getting a cake! and candle!







And of course the presents. Beautiful presents…



What’s that you say? A dump truck? Why yes our little girl loved her dump truck thank you very much! It can’t be all pink all the time you know :) Wheeeeeeee…


Sippy Says

Alot actually. Our now two-year-old chatterbox is starting to crack us up with the random and funny things she says. Just one of the perks of being two I guess. Here’s some recent highlights:

My birthday is tomorrow. And Saturday. And Tuesday.
(Someone’s getting a little greedy now, dontcha think?)

Mommy smells like a sewer.
(Mommy does not, in fact, smell like a sewer, just for the record. Liars these kids. Liars.)

Oh F***!
(Yes it happened. Loudly. Repeatedly. Luckily at home – so far.
And as far as I know there is not a Mommy or a Daddy to blame for this one even though she insists on the follow up “Mommy says Oh F***”.
I blame school. Always blame school.)

Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? Who?
(Random song lyrics while eating dinner said in a very matter of fact voice. Love.)

I’m going to Mexico. Bye Mommy.
(Um, what?)