(Nana this one is for you.)

[Scene: New school. Day 4.]

Mama arrives to find Sippy trundling around, happy as a clam.

Mama leads Sippy over to shoe collection to retrieve Sippy’s shoes so that they can go home.

Sippy spots a pair of (apparently awesome) WHITE shoes with PINK stripes and decides she wants to wear them home.

Being deterred by Mama she then insists that they are hers.

But Mama is mean so Mama will not let Sippy steal another girl’s shoes and insists she wears her (apparently lame-o) green sneakers home.

Sippy has giant shoe-envy-related meltdown.

[End Scene.]

I’m a Little Peacock (and Other Things I Did This Weekend)

Sippy’s life has been a little random lately. She has gone to camp, returned happily to her school only to find out it was closing, started a new school and soon will be starting a nanny share on the one day a week the school is full. On good days we like to think this is teaching her resilience and adaptability. On bad days we just feel sorry for all the randmon-ness she has had to deal with.

But typical Sippy – she is taking it all in stride. And the weekends she knows she can let loose and just have fun.

Like sharing cake with her Twin Brother from Another Mother…


And “charming” a birthday pinata…

(Thanks Casey for the adorable photo.)

And being a very happy peacock at the zoo of course!


What did you get up to this weekend?