Did You Hear? It’s Halloween!

And we’re pretty excited about it. (We even managed to put our ears on for about 3.5 seconds.)


But don’t worry – we are going to conserve our energy by lounging around all day so that we are good and ready for trick-or-treating tonight.


Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you are all warm and dry and survived the wrath of Frankenstorm.

Minnie Me

Halloween is a-comin’ and Sippy’s party schedule has been in full swing. After much hemming and hawing we decided that Fiona would be Minnie Mouse this year – mostly because her Minnie Mouse doll has been a permanent fixture as her daycare comfort for quite some time.

But getting a picture of Sippy in her costume? Not working out so well so far. The ears are not happening. And the weather is either super cold or hella hot.

We’re still hopefully we’ll get one good pic this year but just in case here’s a sneak peak of Sippy in (most of) her costume with her friends at the Pumpkin Patch last weekend. She was cold and cranky and glommed onto me but I still kind of love this photo.


Sick Dayz

Sippy has been having alot of sick days lately. I don’t know if its the age or the fact that her new school is full of a bunch of germ-infested two year olds like her (as opposed to the mature and germ-blocking three to five year olds at “old school”) but we are all ready for Sippy to feel better for a while!

So yesterday I was home with Sippy (again) and I thought it would be fun if I busted out my guitar that I haven’t played since I literally can’t remember when. Sippy was so excited to see the guitar and started dancing around just thinking about the melodious toddler songs that were to come.

And I was prepared. I had printed out a whole bevvy of preschool favorites with guitar chords just the week before. Go Mama!

And I take requests!

Sippy decided that the ABC song was first up. I started it with gusto.

Considering I hadn’t played in quite a while I was feeling pretty jazzy. And I’ve had lots of practice SINGING the song so that part was surely spot on.

Sippy, however, had different ideas. By the end of the song the dancing had stopped and the new chorus had apparently become “Stop playing guitar Mommy. I don’t like that song.”

(She didn’t like any other songs either. I checked. You know – before I hung my head in shame.)

Ah toddler honesty. Apparently my Indigo Girl-playing guitar fests of college days gone by did not prepare me adequately for the pre-school circuit.

I will just have to leave music time to guitar playing men with funny hats from now on.

The One Where Daddy Ran Really Really Far, Really Really Fast

A few weeks ago we all headed to Portland to watch Daddy run. Like run alot. Like run in a marathon. Whoa!

Daddy had to get up really early so Sippy and I slept in until a leisurely 6:45 and grabbed some grub before heading out to see Daddy finish for the win. & of course Daddy did totally awesome.

Sippy and I had a bit of a hard time finding Daddy at the finish because he ran so so fast we totally missed him. So we were mighty happy to catch up to him when we finally figured out where he’d parked himself after his long long run.

photo 1

Sippy decided at that point that she had clearly been standing around and waiting long enough. It was time for a rest. On Daddy. We’re not sure how Daddy felt about that after running 26.2 miles.

photo 2

Maybe a change of position would help. And a proud display of Daddy’s race bib as “Fiona’s Da”. Pretty cool, huh Sippy?

photo 3

And you know whats even better as a post-marathon cool down? Sippy thought that Daddy could use a nice shower and then walk those muscles out so as to prevent lactic acid build up with a good wagon pull.

photo 4

But – you know what? Turns out Daddy was right – these marathons sure are exhausting!

photo 5

Congratulations Daddy! You rocked it Marathon Man!!