Funny Things

Toddlers are funny things. One minute they are being all cute and cuddly and adorable and the next minute they are trying to stab you with a fork.

Sippy’s general approach to life right now is the same as her approach to my camera. Mostly its “no no no” so when she commands me to get my camera and take a picture I can only comply. Clearly Sippy thinks her best side is in the bath with shampoo in her hair and a face that says “Hi I’m Toddler. Hear me roar.”


Trick or Treating

I’ve always liked Halloween but I had no idea how fun it can be for parents too. While this is the third year we’ve taken Sippy trick or treating, this was the first year she was old enough to get into it and go up to houses with her cute little plastic pumpkin. It was so much fun for everyone but here were some of my favorite moments:

– Our little Minnie should probably have been Robin Hood because she liked to take candy from one house and then give back to the next house along. At one point in the night she said “Mommy, I want to keep this candy” which seemed very sweet. She did actually come home with a little bit of loot in the end once she realized that it was pretty fun to keep candy in her pumpkin basket too.

– Along the way we met so many of Sippy’s friends – from old school, from new school, from moms groups and playdates. It was so fun to see just how many kids we know in the neighborhood and how kids really do bring everyone together – even in a big city like San Francisco.

– Sippy has never really seen candy before but she was excited by the idea of it. I didn’t want her to go nuts on sugar when we were out but when we were given a packet of animal crackers I thought they would be ok to give her for the walk. She started them gleefully and turned to me and said “Mommy, are these candy?” Oh so much to learn young grasshopper.

– At home Sippy was finally allowed one piece of candy from her basket before bed. She picked a giant purple lollipop which I showed her she needed to lick instead of bite. After a few licks and a few failed bites she decided “this candy is broken” and gave it back. It seemed only fair for her to trade for a giant pack of M&Ms. (The candy was clearly defective after all.) After trying a few she fed most of them to me instead of eating them herself. Love this kid.