Crafty Mama Moment

I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy hormones or too much time on Pinterest but I’ve been feeling the crafty vibe lately. Usually that means I think about all the cool things I could make after I put Sippy to bed and then promptly turn on the latest episode of Top Chef while I park my tired booty on the couch.

But a friend’s baby shower this weekend with a fun game to bring a onesie that represented you had me busting out my crafty side for a change. I decided a onesie sporting neighborhood pride would be good since we are both Glen Park-ites these days.

I started with some fabric markers and the magnetic letters from our refrigerator.


Sippy wanted to help so she piled on ALL the letters from the refrigerator.


While I thought she was on to a fun idea I decided to go with the original plan and traced “glen park” with fabric markers instead.


And then filled in all the letters.


That seemed a little light and fuzzy so I outlined everything in black which led to some color bleeding because I didn’t have time to dry it in between applications. (Hello craft project done during nap time right before the shower begins.) I like to call this a “happy accident” and clearly intentional shading.

A little drying in the sun Et Voila – a hispter Glen Park neighborhood onesie is born!



Another black and white for you from this weekend to round out the week of one of Sippy’s favorite things these days – playing birthday party with babies at her table in her room. I kind of love this shot since it is so very her.


Big Girls & Babies

Sippy is getting ready for her new role as Big Sister by loving on her babies and making the big switch to big girl undies! Add in a pig tail and I’m pretty sure we have the most adorable child ever.*


* The opinions expressed in this post are clearly not influenced in any way by Mama Love. Clearly.