Sippy Says

Our little lady is a little all over the place these days but she’s good for a laugh most of the time…

…On seeing Daddy come home with some pretty flowers for Mama on Valentine’s Day:

“Daddy bought me plants!”

…At 3am after being up for three hours in a hotel room while Mama and Daddy tried in vain to sleep:

Mama: “What are you doing?”
Sippy: [with dead pan expression and Baby Boy doll in hand] “Changing the baby’s diaper.”

Right. But of course.

…And after tantruming at Mama one day from the time she picked her up at school until the time Daddy got home (which wasn’t that long but sure felt like it!):

“Mommy, can you TRY to be happy?”

Big Girl Beds: The Awesome & the Rest

The past two weeks have been big milestones for Sippy. She went from all diapers to all potty trained in the space of one day. And then a week later she went from crib to big girl bed without a hitch, in spite of my fears that we all may never sleep again.

I should have known: She can be an all or nothing kid. She went from pacifiers 24-7 to none overnight, bottles to sippy cups over a week – all of her own choosing. And I shouldn’t be surprised – it kind of runs in the family. (Uncle Thailand I’m looking at you.)

But I am still a proud Mama of my little girl who is becoming more and more of a big girl each day.

Just in case you think its all rainbows and unicorns over here though… yes we have been blessed with full nights of sleep but Sippy has been “very sensitive” at day care the past few weeks and a big hot ball of tantrumy mess on the weekends.

My personal favorite was an all-out fifteen minute roll around on the floor kicking and screaming tantrum today because I wouldn’t let her put a tiny baby shoe up her butt. It’s hard to keep a straight face when your kid is screaming “I want to put the shoe up my butt” – let me tell you.

What can I say – sometimes everyone knows its time for change and change happens. But change is hard. And there’s no getting around that.

Thanks for being such a trooper Sippy! Now let’s get through the hot clingy mess part before Mama has a nervous breakdown. Thanks!

The bed (oh-so pretty):


& getting comfy (with babies, teddies, and quilts from Nana of course):