In Case You Don’t Keep Up With My Instagram Feed

Here’s a family pic from this weekend. We went on a spontaneous trip for a mid-day picnic with friends at one of our favorite spots on the coast: the Pelican Inn. We just *had* to take a picture at the spot where we got married almost four years ago. You could say that a few things have changed since then…

March 23 2013 Pelican Inn

p.s. we are eagerly awaiting Little Sippy’s arrival these days. Mama is nesting in the last two weeks before due date. can’t wait to meet you Little Sippy!

What Happens When Mama is Not Paying Attention

Like most Mamas I love my iPhone. And like most Mamas I try and put it down when I am with my kid so that I can focus on playing with my girl instead of being distracted by incoming emails or Facebook posts about important topics like dancing cats.

But like most Mamas not every day is perfect.

And sometimes my iPhone is near and I can’t help but do a quick check. Or send a quick text. Especially when its one of those rare moments when Sippy is happily playing by herself with babies or trains or stickable bath toys.

And sometimes even when Sippy says “Stop!” it takes a few moments for me to get the message.

But the other day when I looked up and saw this…


…I couldn’t help but laugh and STOP to focus on the things that are really important – like watching my kid grow and learn right before my eyes – if only I am paying attention.