Little Sippy: A Birth Story

It all began with an eviction notice.

Little Sippy wasn’t late but second babies are supposed to come earlier than first. And Sippy was seven days early. So when seven days pre-due date came and went Mama was ready. So ready. So ready in fact that she declared her readiness in the most public place possible: Facebook.


Mama did not think this would be remotely effective, especially seeing as Little Sippy was not at all cooperative when she asked her to please move so that Mama and Daddy could find out if she was a boy or girl.

But lo and behold Little Sippy was listening.

All day Mama went about her business of working and being glad it was Friday. At the end of the day she picked up Sippy from school and trekked home up the big hill with Sippy because Daddy got stuck in traffic with the car. Mama joked that maybe this would send her into labor.

Dinner was had. Project Runway was watched. Mama joked that it felt like Little Sippy was trying to break her water by punching her way out of the womb.

At the late hour of 10:30 (no really, that was pretty late for Mama) Mama and Daddy went to bed to read.

Five minutes later Mama’s water broke. Turns out the joke was on her.

Friends were called to help with Sippy and Mama and Daddy headed off to the hospital, not sure if they would be sent home since contractions hadn’t really started yet.

12:30am ish: Hospital check in.
1am ish: Contractions getting stronger.
3am ish: Contractions unbearably strong. How is this so much more painful than Sippy?
3:30am ish: Drugs. I want drugs. IV drugs commence.
Fuzzy ish time because contractions are kicking my butt: Do I get an epidural? Yes! When do I get an epidural? Maybe I’ll wait. Nope. I. Want. Epidural. Now.
Happy ish time when epidural kicks in: Sleep. Ahhh…
7:55am ish: Awake. What was that? Am I about to have a baby?
7:57am ish: Nurse walks in and says “We can tell from your contractions that you are about to have a baby. We’re going to get the room ready.” Oh ok. That’s how this whole drug thing works. Awesome.
8:30am ish: Time to push!
8:39am: Little Sippy is born!

& she is adorable. & huge (2 lbs, 2 oz bigger than Sippy and only 2 days later). & healthy.

& is she a boy or a girl? Uh-oh. Everyone forgot to check. Little Sippy is unwrapped from her cozy blanket and declared a GIRL!

& Mama and Daddy are so happy to meet their Little Sippy!



Sippy was excited about Little Sippy from the moment she found out about her. But we were a little nervous that the reality of a baby would send Sippy into a tailspin when Little Sippy arrived.

Turns out we had nothing to worry about. Sippy thinks Little Sippy is the best thing ever and wants to be around her all the time. She’s already teaching her how to play hide and seek underneath the pillows and getting lots of kisses in whenever she can…