Little Sippy’s Nursery

Having lived in San Francisco for over ten years I never get tired of everything it has to offer. But city living isn’t always the easiest – or biggest on space. Since we live in a small two-bedroom home with Mama and Papa in one room and Sippy in the other there wasn’t alot of space to set up shop for Little Sippy. Eventually she will share a room with Sippy – you know, when she’s figured out that whole “sleeping through the night” thing – but for now she gets a wall in our bedroom. And since she only gets a wall, my pregnant nesting instincts told me to make it the best wall I could!

I did a little re-arranging of things, a little purchasing of things and a little making of things (my owl mobile which I finally finished just last week!) and voila – a nursery wall was born. (I’m pretty sure “nursery walls” are going to be the next Pinterest sensation, dontcha think?)

I’m pretty pleased with how it all turned out – even if it is a little small on space!