29 Reasons for Getting Out of Bed

Big girl beds are great! and fun! but maybe a little too fun to get out of. But you always need a reason to get out of bed so here are a few to have on hand in case you find yourself out of bed and forgot why.
* All reasons have been tried and tested by Sippy within the last week to ensure maximum effectiveness.

1. I have to go potty.
2. I have to wash my hands.
3. I’m thirsty.
4. I have to go potty again.
5. I’m sweaty in my room. (Me: There’s a spider in your room?) No, I’m sweaty in my room.
6. There’s a spider in my room.
7. My foot hurts.
8. My arm hurts.
9. I bonked my head getting back into bed.
10. I have to go potty again.
11. There’s a hole in my pants.
12. I want longer pants.
13. There’s sand in my bed.
14. I have to go potty again.
15. I can’t find Boy Baby.
16. Boy Baby’s hat fell off.
17. I need you to take the plant out of my room.
18. I have to go potty again.
19. I heard kids.
20. I heard the baby crying. Why is she crying?
21. I saw you eating. What are you eating?
22. Are you going downstairs? I want to go with you.
23. I have to go potty again.
24. The door got dark.
25. I’m scared of the dark.
26. The castle looks like a big head.
27. The dog came in my room.
28. I have to go potty again.
29. I got eaten by a squishy ghost.

* Inspired by, but not nearly as funny as, Jason Good’s 46 Reasons Why My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out