I used to aspire to post photos in a timely fashion but now, as a parent of two littles, I aspire to sorting through things before the next holiday hits. And since Thanksgiving is still a week away I’m feeling pretty proud that I’m so on top of Halloween already. It’s like I’m ahead of the game!

Halloween started early with our annual mom’s group party at our local playground. Sippy made a pretty fun clown. When she fell off the top of the slide everyone remarked at what a great sad clown she made. Silly Mama was busy comforting her to make her feel better instead of taking a photo so you will just have to use your imagination. But I snapped some pretty funny faces anyway. (She was fine. It was mostly her clown pride that was hurt.)


And on Halloween “night” – some trick or treating with family and friends. We all headed over to Chenery Street where the houses are all decked out and the candy floweth. Sippy was much more large and in charge this year than last year with her trick or treating skills. After a few houses she learned the art of lingering longer than any of the other kids in hopes of getting a slightly bigger haul. Little Sippy wasn’t quite sure what was going on but she had fun coming along for the ride for her first Halloween.