The Mama

Mama cam

I used to be a hip, kinda geeky San Francisco city chick. (At least I like to think so.) But over time things change. I got married, got a dog, got preggers, had a baby and moved to the outskirts of the city in a part that — let’s face it — I used to not consider the city at all.

In short, I moved to the land of pups and sippy cups.

And even though everything feels like it’s changed and a tear may be shed for my lost youth (dramatic, enough?) I’m very happy. And totally in love with my little San Francisco family.

This blog is meant to be a record of all of that love and a way for everyone I know to share in a little piece of it.

And, yes, I do still like to think that I have a bit of hipster in me — even though my old self would probably have a bit of a long discussion about that one…

You can reach me at hannah{at}hannahyoga{dot}com.