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Walking, Walking, Walking

Fiona likes to go on walks. Or more specifically — Fiona likes to go on walks because she does not like any semblance of stillness. (Next time I have a baby I’m ditching all that silly yoga and walking stuff and planting my butt firmly on the couch for nine months so that I have a baby who just likes to sit still. But I digress…)

And so we walk a little every day. And we discover all kinds of cool and interesting things like…

Pretty flowers:

And sidewalk art:

And random carnival backyards for no apparent reason at all:

What’s in a Name?

Fiona Elizabeth O’Reilly.

A few people have asked where your name came from. That’s a story in three parts:

Part 1
The O’Reilly part is pretty obvious. Dad was born with the name O’Reilly which was passed down from his Dad who hailed from Listowel, Ireland — a true Irishman born and bred. Mom took on the name a little over a year ago when Mom and Dad got married. When it came time to naming Baby O, Mom was kind of excited about the Irish-ness of the name and started down the path of Irish (sounding) first names too.

Part 2
Next came the first name. Mom scoured some baby books, social security lists, and celebrity magazines to find a list of twenty five names she liked best. A bunch of them were Irish sounding. Mom refused to show Dad her list until he had his own. Yup – Mom is like that.

Not to be outdone Dad came up with his list (a few months later) — of about 90 names. Go Dad!

Both lists were in Excel spreadsheets which not only proved your parents are quite geeky but also was convenient for list-combining.

Fiona was on both lists. But so were a bunch of others. The list was narrowed to 60.

Then a few weeks later to 25. And then 10. And then 5.

And then Mom went into labor at 3am, July 5. At 5am Dad moved to the living room nearer Mom and declared “Should we talk names?”

“Um, yeah, we probably should.”

And so – after much discussion and spreadsheet-updating it was decided: Baby O was a Fiona baby.

Part 3
The last piece was easy. In Mom’s family there have been four generations of women with the middle name Elizabeth. Fiona was to be the fifth.

And so a name was born.