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Best Part :: We’re All Learning a Bunch of Stuff

While the Sippy has been discovering new words each day, I have been working on my camera skills through a little online photography course put on by ClickinMoms. Since this involves alot of Sippy-stalking, the Sippy has added one more word to her vocabulary: “Camera!”

And since the Sippy is on the move like, all the time, this usually involves a little bit of containment. Eating has been a popular photo time so this week we bring to you: a study in high chair.

At first the Sippy was all about posing for the camera:

Shooting 101 - Week 2 - Final 1

But then she got down to the task at hand – and her new way of eating.


Eyes open of course. The better to inhale food with.


Love, Mama

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Best Part” is an on-going Monday Series of happiness. Each week Mama highlights the best part of the week before so that she can remember all the adorable moment that childhood brings – especially in those moments that feel like the opposite. If you are inspired to do the same leave a comment about your “Best Part” below.

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