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Best Part :: Family Arrives. Itineraries Are Cast Aside. Photos Are For Keeps.

It has been a big week in the House of O because Mama’s Family came to town! While we are lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa on Daddy’s side here all the time, it’s a little bit more tricky for the Mama clan to visit all the way from the East Coast.

But this week was special. Not only did Nana and Grandad come out for an SF trip, Uncle A came along too! Fiona was surrounded by family all weekend long with all kinds of fun activities, even if Fiona did try to mix up the itinerary a time of two. (Yes – Mama did have a printed itinerary for the trip. She’s geeky like that. If you can’t already tell.)

Mama tried not to be all camera-hog the whole time but she couldn’t resist taking a family pic of three generations under one sky.

At first Zekey was all – I’m a dog. I don’t belong in people portrait shots.

Family Picture Fail

But it didn’t take long to convince him that he’s a part of this family too – whether he likes it or not.

Pask O'Reilly Clan

And isn’t it awesome how all the guys just happen to like to dress in shades of blue and grey and its pink all the way for the ladies? Well, except for Zekey – but he’s always been a bit of a nonconformist.

Mama couldn’t ask for anything better.

Except to maybe be in a pic or two one of these days. I think someone needs to talk to her about being a camera hog after all…

So who do you think Fiona looks the most like?

From left to right:
The Men: Uncle A, Grandpa, Granddad, Daddy & Zekey down below
The Ladies: Grandma, Fiona, Nana
Behind the Camera: Mama

Best Part :: Daddy Ran Real Fast

I have to say – I’m having fun viewing life through the “Best Part” lens – so I thought I’d start a Monday tradition of highlighting the best part of the week before.

And this week there was nothing better than watching Daddy race to the finish of the San Francisco Giants Half-Marathon with the Sippy Cup. He reached a personal best time, had all kinds of family there to cheer him on, AND raised money for Project Open Hand in the process.

We are mighty proud of Daddy this week!

More pics to come of Daddy’s photo finish on Wednesday. But here’s a sneak peak of the beaming Daddy. Post race.

Daddy Won The Race

Happy Monday!

Love, Mama

Best Part :: The Run ‘n Hug

A few years back when I was unattached and unencumbered a co-worker was telling me about a daily family ritual. At the end of each day she, her husband and their kid would go around the dinner table and play “Best Part / Worst Part”: a game where they would each tell the best and worst parts of their day. Her kid always loved sharing his favorite thing and his parents loved hearing about the little unexpected moments that really made him smile.

And when it came to the worst part he almost always had the same answer: “There was no worst part.”

I loved that story. And even at the time, in my “oh my god i’m not having kids for like a bajillion years” state of mind I remember thinking “I want to do that with my kids one day.”

While Fiona is still a little young to get the point of the game just yet (I guess we should work on talking first) I thought I’d get the ball rolling and start playing for all of us.

So… this weekend’s Best Part: the Run ‘n Hug. It goes a little something like this:

1. I crouch down, open my arms and say “Come to Mama.”
2. Fiona gets a huge smile on her face and starts accelerating over to me like only a toddler can.
3. She throws herself into my arms, buries her face into my chest and gives me a big fat hug.

Yes ma’am. Best Part indeed.

But since this is a little hard to capture in pics here’s a little snippet of Second Best Part: throwing ball for The Pup with accompanying baby giggles by The Sippy Cup.

Zeke and Fi Playing Ball

And since I know you’re bound to ask:

There was no worst part.

Love, Mama