The Pup


Our beloved Pup Zeke was our first child. We adopted him in North Carolina from a rescue organization when he was six months old and just about the cutest puppy we had ever seen.

When we went to check him out on the farm Mama was in love at first sight. Daddy is a little more cautious though so he wanted to feel out his personality before plunging into a lifetime commitment. Silly Daddy.

The doggie handler let Zeke free in a pasture. He immediately ran around like a bunny on steriods and then beelined for a giant pile of horse poo which he proceeded to devour.

That pretty much sums up our dog.

Daddy took some convincing that he was the one for us but Mama was in love and so she got her way.

That pretty much sums up our marriage. (Just kidding. Sort of. Hehe.)

Zeke can look mighty regal for photos.

But at heart is just an adorable fun loving crazy dog who loves to roam around the countryside.

Now that we have a little person in our lives too Zeke is sometimes ignored just a teeny bit. But that does not mean we love him any less.

We are honored to have such a crazy, goofy pretty dog in our midst.

For more about Zeke check out some of our favorite Pup poses:

Looking Lovely

‘Fraidy Doggie

Begging With His Sister

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